You cannot create peace if you search among the chaos of your thoughts. But here, you can observe, breathe, and wait. 

Are you confused and feel that your day is slipping away from your hands?

Do you have too many commitments and no time to listen to yourself and really understand what you want?

Do you feel that you have no energy left to do anything that interests you?

It is time to stop. Right now. Before it’s too late.

I have created the possibility for this to happen by organising the next retreat, in a place that inspires peace and tranquillity.


23-26 June 2023 – Lake Como italy –


Together we embark on a search for a inner state that gives you joy and energy.

These are 3 days in which together with Valentina Auliso (Teacher of Holistic practices and QI-Yoga) we will accompany you to rediscover your ability to listen to yourself, relax, find new energy and inspiration.

Lake Como wellness retreat yoga Lake Como

Why partecipate:

•Give yourself the chance to get away from everyday life and stress.
•Allow your body, mind and spirit to get inspired and moved by new ideas.
•Connect deeper with yourself, your energy field and creative abilities.
•Have fun and meet awesome people!


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what the partecipants say:

The interdisciplinary nature underlying all the work is coherent, studied and well organised. I appreciated all the body work because I think that only starting from the body you can get your true essence.

To what extremes can a job compromise and destroy my quality of life?

Now I know clearly that I have chosen MY life, the one I have wanted for so long and that I am building with hard work, tenacity and love. The workshop is a formative experience useful to redirect your life, your choices and your future.


I am very interested in this approach to life. I loved to share with others this “work” and the energy that has been created in the group. I will treasure from the beginning and in time what I started today. The workshop is an opportunity to build the compass that helps you to direct your life towards what is best for you.

It’s a way to your well-being.

td for growth licia life design

I have attended Ivana’s workshop about theatre and design. I was so curious to discover more and so surprise to see how many techniques were combined, from yoga to communication, acting to mindfulness and many more.

A unique experience!

The workshop was very dynamic, profound and fun and I have discovered so much about myself. Ivana has super sparkling energy and grounded presence. She is a professional and a natural teacher.
She made us feel at home and everything was flowing perfectly. I loved every exercise. Can’t wait for another one ♥ Thanks Ivana!


What we will do

· QiYoga classes
We will work on the body and mind, consciously performing exercises to feel stronger and increase concentration. The harmony generated by the simultaneous work of these two elements will help us establish a real connection between body, mind and soul.

· Meditation
We will learn about and practise three meditation techniques, including mindfulness.
We will learn how to dissolve the constant flow of thoughts and seek silence within ourselves, getting in touch with parts that are often invisible to us.

· Forest immersions
Immersed in nature, we will rediscover the simplicity of our surroundings and better understand our reactions to stimuli, regaining clarity in the natural cycle of events inside and outside of us.

· Introduction to the Theatre of Awareness
We will connect with our creative Being through play rituals and practices with a deep root in the Art of Theatre. We will explore our authentic nature, opening ourselves to the ability to respond to the challenges of everyday life differently.

To participate, you do not need any specific training: our activities are inclusive and cater to those who want to deepen their practice and those who want to discover it.

What’s Included in the full package

· All the activities described (daily yoga, meditation, forest baths, theatre of awareness)

· First choice vegetarian meals prepared by chef John Harris (welcome dinner and Saturday night, all breakfasts and lunches)

· 3 nights in a double or twin room with Wi-Fi

· Swimming pool and relaxation area in the beautiful Agriturismo Castello di Vezio

· Tea, water and fruit are available all-day

· Parking facilities

· Possibility of visiting the village of  Vezio, and Lake Como

23-26 June 2023
Lake Como, Italy 

The enrolment is provisional until receipt of the 50% workshop  fee.  

early bird

650 EU

Until 10 April 2023

start your journey


690 EU

start your journey

More Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what the partecipants say:

I liked the use of different techniques, both practical and spiritual. Good teachers. I can use right away what I have learned and experienced. I hope to continue along this path. The workshop is a great way to get involved and improve by experimenting.


The connection in the group was great. I felt positive energy among all of them. It’s an experience to try absolutely!


Beautiful and sparkling energy. Very professional. The exercises were fun and also very deep, they made me discover sides of my personality. I feel more aware and creative.
Ivana, the teacher, is a force of nature.


The workshop will be held by

Valentina Auliso: For 11 years, she has been working on physical, mental and emotional well-being through the practice of Yoga, QiGong, Rei-ki and Shamanism, both in the beautiful Sabina countryside and online. (visit her website here

Ivana Franceschini: Is an actress, life designer, and yoga and meditation teacher. She created the “Theatre&design for growth” and “Theatre of Consciousness” after twenty years of experience as a trainer. Today she takes her pathways to Spain, UK and Italy.

Ivana Franceschini Valentina Auliso

Agriturismo Castello di Vezio has a unique view of the three branches of Lake Como, 2.5 km from Varenna.
The houses and flats are country houses furnished in a modern style with everything you need, some located in the centre of the small village of Vezio. Extensive olive gardens surround the property with breathtaking lake views, three swimming pools, a tennis court and a bowling green.
The Agriturismo is just over an hour’s drive from Milan and can be reached by train from Varenna/Esino Lario station.

You are welcome to fill out the form at the link below to reserve your place!

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