Live the life you want

I have attended Ivana’s workshop about theatre and design. I was so curios
to discover more and so surprise to see how many techniques were combined, from yoga to communication, acting to mindfulness and many more. A unique experience! The workshop was very dynamic, profound and fun and I have discovered so much about myself. Ivana has a super sparkling energy and grounded presence. She is a professional and natural teacher.
She made us feel at home and everything was flowing perfectly. I loved every exercise. Can’t wait for another one ♥ Thanks Ivana!


I liked the use of different techniques, both practical and spiritual. Good teachers. I can use right away what I have learned and experienced. I hope to continue along this path. The workshop is a great way to get involved and improve by experimenting.


The connection in the group was great. I felt a positive energy among all of them. I hope to be able to do the workshop again in the near future. It’s an experience to try absolutely.


To what extremes can a job compromise and destroy my quality of life?
Now I know clearly that I have chosen MY life, the one I have wanted for so long and that I am building with hard work, tenacity and love. The workshop is a formative experience useful to redirect your life, your choices and your future.


It was a very interesting course because it was never static, but a dynamic and constantly evolving experience. With exercises, words, contacts, it was possible to touch points and personal keys on which to work and reflect. Every event in life involves a positive or negative shock, it is up to us to decide how to deal with it. I think I’ve taken a positive and right path for myself and I’ll certainly use the keys provided during the workshop to adjust the focus. It’s a workshop useful in every circumstance, you don’t have to be at a huge crossroads, because every life and every moment needs to be lived and appreciated.