Live the life you want

Do you wish for a career change?

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet?

Do you have any dream jobs that you would love to do?

If you don’t know how to start and get lost in your thoughts, it will be very difficult to find a way for a meaningful life.
Theatre&Design approach is about how to make it easier.
The key is to start slowly and test out your assumptions so you know you’re on the right track.

During the workshop, you will experience how to connect with your intuition and learn to design a project of your ideal work/life and the steps to go in the right direction.

“Theatre&Design for growth” is the method where life design and theatre are combined together.


Are you ready?  
7th and 8th December 2019
Brighton, UK | BN1 4EB
Any previous experience is not necessary.

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Two days of experiential workshops to orient your life towards
the future you want.

You will learn to make the right decisions to achieve your goals, how to approach a new project in private as in professional life without giving up. You will have a structured project that you can start to create immediately, you will be part of a new group of friends and supporters with whom to grow.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what the partecipants say:

The interdisciplinary nature underlying all the work is coherent, studied and well organised. I appreciated all the body work because I think that only starting from the body you can get your true essence.

To what extremes can a job compromise and destroy my quality of life?

Now I know clearly that I have chosen MY life, the one I have wanted for so long and that I am building with hard work, tenacity and love. The workshop is a formative experience useful to redirect your life, your choices and your future.


I am very interested in this approach to life. I loved to share with others this “work” and the energy that has been created in the group. I will treasure from the beginning and in time what I started today. The workshop is an opportunity to build the compass that helps you to direct your life towards what is best for you.

It’s a way to your well-being.

td for growth licia life design

I have attended Ivana’s workshop about theatre and design. I was so curious to discover more and so surprise to see how many techniques were combined, from yoga to communication, acting to mindfulness and many more.

A unique experience!

The workshop was very dynamic, profound and fun and I have discovered so much about myself. Ivana has super sparkling energy and grounded presence. She is a professional and a natural teacher.
She made us feel at home and everything was flowing perfectly. I loved every exercise. Can’t wait for another one ♥ Thanks Ivana!


Theatre&Design for growth® integrate two disciplines: theatre and life design.
By the end of the course you will have:

– a full map of yourself, to observe at a glance to understand or reformulate the fundamental purpose that guides you anytime you need.

– Three different plans of your new life to choose from.

– a structured step-by-step program and strategies to turn the idea into a realistic project, you can start to implement it immediately.

– A new group of friends and supporters!


•1p.m welcoming

•1:20p.m Theatre.
Awakening the body and connecting with your emotions:
– shift from head to body
– feel your feelings
– manifest your desires

•3:00 p.m break

•3:15p.m Life design.
How to change the status quo and find a new purpose descovering:

– your values
– your desires
– your visions 

How to acquire the mentality of a designer facing:

– Limiting beliefs

– Lack Mentality
– Procrastination
– Feeling stuck

6:00p.m Conclusion


10.00 a.m welcoming
10.15 a.m Theatre.
Improving creativity and imagination through a game of theatrical improvisation.

12.20 p.m lunch break

1.00 p.m Life design.
 Design Three different plans of your new life to choose from.

2.30 p.m break
2.45 p.m Theatre. Imaginative exercise: Live your new future exploring:
– inner obstacls
– outside obstacls
– tools needed

4.45 p.m Life design.
Design a structured step-by-step program and strategies to turn the idea into a realistic project, you can start to implement it immediately: 

 – find solutions for expected obstacles
– action plan
6:00p.m Conclusion

Are you ready to start your own journey?


Why partecipate:

•Give yourself the chance to get away from everyday life and stress
•Allow your body, mind and spirit to get inspired and moved by new ideas.
Connect deeper with yourself, your energy field and creative abilities.
•Reflect on your life and priorities with practical and structured exercises.
•Imagine and create new directions for your life and purpose.
•Learn playful techniques to help you support the journey to re-design your life.
Have fun and meet awesome people!



Do you feel trapped in a life that seems meaningless?

Are you frustrated by your job?

Do you lack time for yourself and feel like life is passing you by?

Do you have big dreams but don’t know how to make them come true?



Train your qualities and make a difference to your life.

The integration of Theatre and Life design aims to put the participant in the best position to rethink their life in an inspired and structured way.

Theatre&Design for growth is the method designed to help you create the life you want.



By the end of the course you will have a structured step-by-step program and strategies to turn the idea into a realistic project, you can start to implement it immediately. 

You are finally able to lead your live, instead of being subjected to it.

7th and 8th December 2019
Brighton, UK | BN1 4EB

THE SPACE IS LIMITED. Enrolment is subject to availability of places.
The enrolment is provisional until receipt of the workshop fee.  

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Deadline November 20th.
Enrolment is subject to availability of places.

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The Holistic approach

The integration of two disciplines, theatre and design, allows us to work on different aspects of a human being: the body, the spirit, and the mind. The balance between these three parts allows for a rational design but inspired by the most intimate part of ourselves. Without this deep connection every project about our lives can be ineffective. The balance between rationality and feeling is the solid basis on which you can build a new life.

Thanks to these different approaches we will work on these fundamental aspects:


Watch the video of the last edition

More Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what the partecipants say:

I liked the use of different techniques, both practical and spiritual. Good teachers. I can use right away what I have learned and experienced. I hope to continue along this path. The workshop is a great way to get involved and improve by experimenting.


The connection in the group was great. I felt positive energy among all of them. It’s an experience to try absolutely!


Beautiful and sparkling energy. Very professional. The exercises were fun and also very deep, they made me discover sides of my personality. I feel more aware and creative.
Ivana, the teacher, is a force of nature.


“I’ve decided. I want to start building a life that I love, too. 

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Name and Surname

The workshop will be held by
Ivana Franceschini 

Professional actress and designer with a Master’s degree from the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy. After graduating as an actress according to the physical method of Jacques Lecoq, and after years learning a solid method of design, she decided to go deeper and follow her artistic passion by dedicating herself to the theater. She deepens the art of acting with international masters including Robert Castle and Michael Margotta of the actor studio in New York and with the master Jurij Altchitz of the great tradition of the Russian School. Always flanking training seminars with important directors and actors, she began her profession as an actress and theatre teacher which she would continue for over 15 years. In 2010, her desire to find new forms and places to bring art closer to people led her to launch a creative start-up and later to establish a cultural center in Como, her hometown in Italy. These intense experiences opened her mind to international scenarios and in 2018 she decided to follow a new path by moving to the UK. It was in Brighton that she found the right space to rethink her personal and professional journey, and she experimented with how theatre exercises integrated with design techniques could be decisive tools to redirect her life. In 2018 she developed her own “theatre&design for growth” method to help people become aware of their potential and train their skills to create and live the life they really want. She teaches this method through workshops and meetings in the UK and Italy. For a year now she has accompanied this life with the practice of yoga and meditation.

The workshop is hosted by Body&Brain

A cosy and comfortable space in the heart of Brighton, newly renovated and full of
good vibes!

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