The three steps

Live the life you want

1 | From myself to my purposes. 

Before you can change your life you need to understand it. The workshop is an opportunity to take a break and listen to, observe, and understand yourself.

What aspects of my life do I want or need to improve or change? What are the habits I should leave behind? What could I include in my daily life to help me achieve my goals? What guides and supports me in my daily actions? What values and purposes are the sources of my energy?

We integrate this work with the body with writing exercises that help us to understand what makes us feel good and full of energy, and what does not, and also if the different aspects of our lives (love, play, work, health) are balanced or if we are forgetting to cultivate one of these. 

Upon completion of the work we will have a map of ourselves. A map that we can observe at a glance and use to understand or reformulate the fundamental purpose that guides our lives. The rediscovery of high motivation is the source of the energy needed to perform any action.

The experience we propose starts with the body and arrives at a connection with the mind and heart. We create space and provide the tools for everyone to make a journey towards themselves that is light, creative and inspired. You will have rediscovered your motivation and your vocation. These are the essential bases for lasting improvement or change.

2 | From my purposes to my life design 

How do you put your intentions into practice? How do you make changes? Each of us has the ability to live more than one life and to realize our intentions.

Art offers the opportunity to discover ourselves in a practical and creative way. In a protected and non-judgmental environment, the theatrical experience allows you to express yourself beyond your limits in a dynamic, fun, light yet meaningful atmosphere. We use and improve our creativity and  play different point of view to figure out new perspectives. We allow ourselves to open our minds to new scenarios and lives we never imagined before.

Ending with the design tools we transform an idea into a structured project. You’ll be lead, step-by-step, to define it according to your talents, skills, values, and 

circumstances. These tools have been studied and adapted to help you design a project about your life, to change it or improve it.

3 | From my life design to my life 

Once we have defined a project, it is time to act. Design provides us with the techniques to quickly test the potential of an idea’s success, without wasting time and money. We will learn the steps that lead from the idea to its realization, that can be applied to any aspect of life. In this way, changing or improving life will not be driven by and subject to emotion, but we can feel confident about what we are doing.

We will understand how to deal with the concept of failure, and we will train to overcome related fears. 

We are finally able to lead our lives, instead of being subjected to it. 

Join us!
7 and 8 December 2019
Brighton, UK | BN1 4EB