Live the life you want

Hi, I’m Ivana.
The method “Theatre&Design for growth” represents the biggest change of my life. It is something that was not in my plans but is now one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever created.

And how did I get here?

After years spent working following my passions I found myself imprisoned in a life that no longer belonged to me. I was constantly stressed and angry. After a long period of dissatisfaction, I realized that if I wanted to change something I had to start with myself.

I stopped accusing people and blaming situations around me and took responsibility for my life. That’s how I took my first step on my journey towards freedom. 

The two fundamental questions I answered were:
What are my talents?
How can I use my talents to help others?

I have observed that many people live in the same situation as me. We are often stuck, we don’t feel free, we don’t know what we want. Or there are many things we love, many projects to undertake, but never have the right conditions to realize our dreams. Changes in life require demanding efforts, but we have never received training and education to deal with them.

Every athlete trains for a race.
Every musician trains for a concert…all life long.
Why don’t we train for the most important thing ever: living our best possible life?

I understand that there are no magic recipes. Only with preparation and training can we change our lives for the better. Not by making impulsive and risky decisions. Instead, we can make conscious, fearless choices and plan the next steps in our lives. I became passionate about rediscovering the texts of all my theatre masters and reading books on design thinking. I realized that my training as an actress and my mentality as a designer were the treasures hidden within me, and came out at the right time to help me.

Theatre was my physical, emotional and spiritual education.
Design cultivated my creative, pragmatic, and operational part.
One discipline without the other would have led me nowhere.

I realized that everything that had been my job, my passions, my studies, my talents and my life experiences, I could turn them into something that could help others. What helped me could also help other people.
That’s why I started to design a simple method, suitable for everyone (you don’t have to be an actor or a designer to be able to do it) to help people make positive changes.
I studied it for 5 years now and experimented with groups of people, and it was a joy to see how people set their creativity in motion, were present to themselves, and concrete in their ideas and desires. More intuitive, more creative, more active, more self-confident people.
The method is called “Theatre&design for growth”, born to train, support, and provide techniques and tools to improve one’s life.